About 15 Minutes Underground

The music industry is still stuck in the last century.  They try to appeal to a broad audience – like the massive audiences TV used to get.  Pop music hasn’t really adapted to the internet.  It’s still TV shows, award shows, and sensationalist stories about celebrity feuds and love affairs.

Well there is as much creativity today as ever but you have to search for it yourself.  Call it Indie Rock or just new rock and roll, there is so much great music being made today; but, who has time to sort out the good stuff?  Come here once in a while and invest 15 minutes and I’ll give you the benefit of the time I spent searching out songs that really show what these bands can do.

The stuff I like tends to be from more widely recognized bands but I’m always tuning into what’s new as well.  This is not the place to discover the newest song from the newest underground or DIY artist.  There are plenty of places for that.  I suggest Indie Rock Cafe – my favorite.  15 Minutes Underground is a place to get a little more time with some of the artists already starting to have an impact – but that you just haven’t had much time to appreciate.

There is more on the internet than cats.  It’s where all the new, creative, less corporate, musicians are hiding.  Follow me here or on twitter @richardsegal.