Anticipation – New Indie Rock Coming in 2018

Some big Indie Rock names who haven’t released new music in a while are promising to drop new albums in 2018.  Let’s build up some anticipation by checking out their last releases.  These are some of my personal favorites.  Here’s hoping for an outstanding 2018.

Arctic Monkeys – Their last album was in 2013 – these guys are seriously overdue.  When it does come out, expect a lot of excitement.  I think this is the most anticipated Indie Rock album of the year.  My pick for this playlist from their 2013 release: R U Mine

Grimes – Claire Boucher, the genius behind Grimes, last release was in late 2015.  She’s promised new music this year.  Her last album was my favorite of the year and won NME’s best album of the year.  Grimes is first on my list of concerts that I will be buying tickets for as soon as they are released.  Who knows what’s next, but here’s my pick from her last one: Art Angels

Chvrches – Another highly anticipated album from one of the most successful groups to push the boundaries of Indie into Pop territory with their remarkable sense of how to reach their audience with upbeat electronics and Lauren Mayberry’s energetic voice.  I’ll be downloading this the moment it is released!  Can’t wait.  From their last release: Clearest Blue

Vampire Weekend: Another huge Indie Rock influence with no album since 2013!  If the rumor holds up 2018 will be the year they break their silence.  (Not that they’ve been silent with plenty of solo and side projects.)  This one will be a major headline in 2018.  From their last album: Diane Young

YouTube playlist: 2018 anticipation playlist

Spotify playlist: 2018 anticipation playlist


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