Lana Del Rey – Mistress of Feels

Lana Del Rey sings with heart and soul.  Her lyrics are full of wistful melancholy, longing for depth, and dreams of the wild life. Vibey and loaded with emotion, she has attracted a huge audience of young women and the rest of us who look for some sense of real feelings in our music.  I’ve seen her live twice now.  Once from way in the back at Governor’s Ball and just a couple weeks ago at a much more intimate setting at Terminal 5.  She is evolving and you can here it in her music and see it in her performance.  The audience at Terminal 5 reminded me of nothing so much as a Beatles audience from the 60’s.  Girls screaming and singing along as loud as they could throughout the night.  This was the most packed house I’ve seen at this venue.  Her performance was stellar and personal.  She interacted well with the audience even agreeing to sing “Get Free’ when the audience chanted for it even though she wasn’t sure she could remember the words and needed help from the audience.  This also resolved a long-running question about who the people were whose names were left out of the previous recording.  The words are: “for Amy and for Whitney.”  See the last video in the playlist which was recorded that night.

She has been criticized for her straightforward performance style, but it is clear she is trying to add a little more to her stage presence, moving more, dancing a little, and bringing in backup dancers.   Really what those critics missed is that her singing is loaded with real emotion; and that doesn’t require acrobatics.

She may look like a pretty pop star, but Lana Del Rey writes evocative songs, sings with strong emotion, and connects to the audience.  She is the real deal.  Sit back, have a sip of wine, and enjoy the feels.

In this playlist:

Ride – One of my favorites

Love – From her newest album – shows off her vocals

Summertime Sadness – Watch the video version to hear the madness at Terminal 5!

Get Free – The video version was unplanned and acapella – also at Terminal 5 

YouTube playlist: Lana Del Rey

Spotify playlist: Lana Del Rey


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