The xx – Personal, minimal, romantic, sexy

This band is not for everyone.  Maybe the opposite of a “wall of sound”, their music is simple, even minimalist.  Their impact has been huge.  They convey a kind of romantic feel no one else has been able to duplicate.  I once saw a review which said that while there are lots of songs about things leading up to sex, the xx songs seem to take place afterwards.  There is a depth of feeling here that, if you hook into, can grab you my the solar plexus.  It’s like being pulled into a connection between the two singers that you can’t escape.  When I was lucky enough to see them live (see bad photo above) it was clear they have an adoring audience who know all the words, and just want more and more.

In this playlist:

Crystalised – Their biggest song from their first album – the video is an intimate live version that let’s you see how they work.

Chained – From Coexist, their second album

Islands – Check the YouTube video – a truly unique piece of choreography with feels that run deep

On Hold – From their most recent album, “I see You” – YouTube version is live

Angels – Perhaps one of their most intimate songs – the video I’ve included is purely a solo with Romy singing and playing guitar.

YouTube playlist: The xx

Spotify playlist: The xx


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