Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Bang Bang Bang!

(Updated with photos from live concert in New York Nov 7, 2017 and added 15 minute playlists.)

Some ten years ago or so if someone asked you to name an Indie Rock band, the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs would have been one of the first names mentioned.  I haven’t posted them yet though because they haven’t had an album in four years.  Today something happened to change my mind.  They announced they would be headlining a music festival in Austin Texas in November and added, “Watch for more news coming soon.”  (Update the festival got cancelled but they played two shows – one in L.A. and one in N.Y. last night.) This is exciting news.  New album in the works?  I don’t know, – stay tuned.

This is one of the first bands that really hooked me on Indie music. “Shake it like a ladder to the sun” is the opening line of the first song in the playlist below and they certainly did shake up the music scene.  Karen O is a frenetic and exciting frontwoman and their live shows are said to be intense and ecstatic fun.  (Update:  Just saw them live – see pictures – and yes – she was high energy and fantastic on stage.)  Their music is tough to describe so I’m going to steal a phrase from Wikipedia where it is described as a “edgy post-punk, dancefloor-friendly racket.”  I like it.

Here’s hoping Karen O and great guitar of Nick Zinner and drumming of Brian Chase come back full force.

One more picture from list night:


YouTube playlist: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Spotify playlist: Yeah Yeah Yeahs


4 Replies to “Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Bang Bang Bang!”

  1. These guys are one of a kind and Karen O. has some wicked voice. I loved a lot of their last album so perhaps big things?


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