Hinds – Rock and Roll the Way it is Supposed to Be

Some bands are for listening to.  Some, like this quartet of Spanish women, are for nothing but fun.  Expect a lot of guitars, shouting, crowd surfing, probably a bit too much drink, and potentially a mosh pit.  These girls may have only learned how to play and sing a couple years ago, but no matter.  They have managed to create a unique sound, that is just pure rock and roll fun.  I went to see them twice in their first tour because I couldn’t quite believe how much fun it was.  What else can I say.  Don’t expect polished artistry. Expect slightly off sounds, that make surprisingly good harmonies.  I guess they are somewhere between the GoGos and The Clash (a bit more of The Clash).  I think there is a new album in the works.  Rock on!

In this playlist:

Chili Town, Bamboo, Warts, San Diego, Easy

YouTube playlist: Hinds

Spotify playlist: Hinds


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