Tame Impala – Beautiful, Popular, Psychedelic

I guess I’ve seen this band live more than any other and if they come back, I’ll be seeing them again.  They are tight live and their music holds up time after time.  Driving bass lines, changing rhythms, soaring melodies,… these guys have it all and are are able to make it happen live.

This is a band of incredible musicians held together by the vision of Kevin Parker, the band’s lead.  In the videos I’ve included in this playlist you’ll see 60’s style psychedelic animation; the ultimate student-teacher sex fantasy gone psychedelic; and songs with beats that will put the hook into you.  They have so many great songs it was hard to keep it to just 15 minutes.

(I always include a Spotify playlist, but if you don’t watch the videos you are missing out.  They put a lot into their video work and it is so worth it.)

In this playlist:

Feels Like We Only Go Backwards – In the video: Trippy colorful, wild animation

Mind Mischief – In the video: Student lusts after and wins psychedelic sex fantasy with teacher.

Endors Toi – In the video: Maybe they should replace all that silly carnival music with Tame Impala.

Elephant – One of their biggest hits – the video is a live version

YouTube playlist: Tame Impala

Spotify playlist: Tame Impala



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