Vampire Weekend – A Generation Ahead

Their music is catchy and artistic.  They’re super talented, smart, and professional. They’re huge and can fill a stadium.  But none of that is what Vampire Weekend is about. They’ve connected with a generation you might not quickly understand.  It is a generation that grew up on the internet and that has had terrorism and economic failure thrust upon them from a young age.  Millennials have been called hipsters, snowflakes, or just plain lazy, but none of that is true.  Like generations of kids before them they look at the adult world and try to figure out how to make it their own.  Vampire weekend hears their call and calls back – “Our days were long, our nights no longer / Count the seconds, watching the hours / Though we live on the US dollar / You and me, we got our own sense of time.”

They make for easy listening, but if that’s all you pick up from Vampire Weekend you’re missing something.  These guys can pull on your heart strings and make you wonder about how to be a whole person in the new age.  I may not fit the demographic, but I can hear it.

On this playlist:

Diane Young – Not Dying Young

Unbelievers – Dealing with Religion in modern world

Holiday – An older song – Just for fun

Don’t Lie – Young hearts need pressure to pound, so hold me close my baby

Cousins – Vampire Weekend having a lot of fun in the video version

YouTube playlist: Vampire Weekend

Spotify playlist: Vampire Weekend


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