Cults – Bringing Slow Dance Beats to the Modern World

After a long time waiting I finally got to see Cults play live last night (see photo) and they blew me away. They were tight. Madeline, the lead singer, was having fun, showed great self-possession, and hit all the high notes and tough melodies absolutely gorgeously.  Some bands must be seen live, and this is one.  My feet are still moving to the beats today.

(By the way if you ever have a chance to see a concert at the Music Hall of Williamsburg you should go.  Great very small venue, with separate lounge area, two bars, and just a great local Brooklyn feel.)

Cults sound brings together some old-fashioned – almost 1950’s style – rhythms with a modern sensibility and a powerful sound that will get you rocking back and forth immediately.

In this playlist I’ve included some older tunes with some of their newly released songs as well.

Abducted – A classic cults tune to get you started

Always Forever – From their Static album

Offering – Brand new song – audio only

You Know What I Mean – Classic cults that’s become a skater’s favorite

YouTube playlist: Cults

Spotify playlist: Cults


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