Retro Influenced Indie Rock

One thing I love about Indie Rockers is that they have figured out that there is a whole history of rock and roll they can learn from, admire, and adapt to make their own.  This is not about trying to duplicate an old sound, but about making new music that fits today, but incorporates great sounds from previous decades.

In this playlist I selected some of the more obvious cases, but you can find retro influences all over Indie Rock.  They take the things they like best and turn them into music for today’s generation.

In this playlist:

Tame Impala – Elephant – British Invasion is back!

Bleached – Keep On Keepin’ On – I hear the Go Gos in the song big time

The War On Drugs – Holding On – Bruce Springsteen type big guitar rock

The Orwells – The Righteous One – I hear Nirvana and maybe the Doors in this one

YouTube playlist: Retro Influenced Indie Rock

Spotify playlist: Retro Influenced Indie Rock


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