Fall Concert Season Playlist 2

As promised, the second half of my autumn concert season in playlist form.  I have tickets for all these bands in both lists and I’m just too excited not to share.  I encourage you to get yourself to a live concert.  There’s really nothing like it.

(All the YouTube videos are live performances.)

In this playlist:

Lana Del Rey – Money  Power Glory – This girl has got a lot going for her.  Great voice, oozing emotion, powerful words, and an audience in love.

Grizzly Bear – Mourning Sound – An amazing epic band coming back after 5 years with new music and a glorious sound.

Yeah yeah yeahs – Zero – One of the most iconic performers of the Indie Rock era is back and touring.  Crossing my fingers for more new music soon.  These guys are the real thing.

St Vincent – Marrow – Creativity, talent, expressive performance, guitar wizardry.  St. Vincent was incredible when I saw her a couple years ago.  Looking forward to another stellar concert.

YouTube Playlist: Fall Concert Season Playlist 2

Spotify Playlist: Fall Concert Season Playlist 2


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