15 Minutes Underground – It’s All About the Feels

For me, it’s the feelings that make a song great. Sometimes sad, sometimes ecstatic, if it hits you right a song can send you over the moon.  I think Indie Rock is especially strong at providing feelings.  After all, what makes a song more authentic than what it is able to communicate.  It’s more than words, more than melody, it’s how it hits you.

Here are four songs that might bring you some real feels.

Savages – Adore – When she pauses about 2/3 into the song and demands “I Adore Life” – it’s a show-stopping moment

Vampire Weekend – Step – A song about “my girl” that really transmits more than the thousands of others on a similar theme

Chvrches – Recover – “We can change our old ways / And you take what you need / And you know you don’t need me” – Ouch!

Dum Dum Girls – Coming Down – It’s over, and it’s going to be a rough ride

YouTube playlist : It’s All About the Feels

Spotify playlist: It’s All About the Feels


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