Foxygen – Rock Anthems Slightly Off – Or Is It Us?

Foxygen is bit hard to describe.  They write and produce big songs with lots of feeling. They use lots of instruments and sometimes orchestras.  The lead singer, Sam France, is not always in control on stage, but isn’t that the norm?  I think the main point I’d make here is that these songs are both great to listen to and play with your head.  Sometimes it seems like your in the 60s and sometimes it is in the future.  Their music isn’t hard to get into, but if you listen it will definitely make you wonder.

I saw them a couple weeks ago (see the picture above) and they were solid.  Sam was high energy, ambiguously dressed, and put out a powerhouse performance.  No complaints here.

Finding a live performance that shows the energy but still sounded good was a challenge. So I’m including mostly “music videos” (in the YouTube playlist) this time, with one live performance that should give you an idea of what I mean.

Songs in this playlist:

Follow The Leader

San Francisco

Shuggie (live)

No Destruction

YouTube playlist: Foxygen

Spotify playlist: Foxygen



4 Replies to “Foxygen – Rock Anthems Slightly Off – Or Is It Us?”

  1. I think their second album is their best work. Didn’t really like the new one at all but all their albums are very different. They really do take after the Brian Jonestown Massacre in that way. You never what you’re going to get with their albums.

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