15 Minutes Underground – Summertime Beach Music

Having lived on the beach for a few years I appreciate a fuzzed out guitar, and easy beat, and a happy sound to accompany the sun, the waves, and the surf.  Indie Rock keeps up the tradition of beach sounds and I’m a happy guy.

Here’s what you’ll find here.

1) Surfer Blood – they lost their lead guitarist to cancer last year.  I don’t know what that means for them in the future.  Let’s hope they continue on. Nonetheless they have provided some of the most classic beach sounds you can find.

2) DIIV (pronounced dive) are guitar wizards who make great sounds.  It was raining when I saw them a couple summers back.  They sounded great even wet.  I’d rather have them on a nice sunny day at the beach.

3) Best Coast – Pure California fun. One of my favorite songs of theirs – Heaven Sent – is just what I need on a sunny day

4) Day Wave – A DIY one man act with great style and an easy to love sound.


Tracks in this playlist:

Surfer Blood – Matter of Time

DIIV – How Long Have You Known?

Best Coast – Heaven Sent

Day Wave – Deadbeat Girl 

Play it now: Summertime Beach Music

Spotify playlist: Summertime Beach Music


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