Yo La Tengo – Mellow Musical Melodies

Have a taste for something simple, easy to listen to, with real musical talent behind it. You’ve found it in Yo La Tengo which translated means “I’ve got it” – and so do we.  Yo La Tengo has been around quite a while and enjoyed lots of critical success.  They are still under the radar after all these years and played mostly on Indie playlists and radio stations.  No big beats, no head-banging, no earth-shaking – I guess you can say their music is essentially under the radar material.  When you are looking for something a little mellow, but very reliable, maybe this is the place to go.

On this playlist:

Autumn Sweater

Nothing to Hide

Friday I’m In Love (great cover of the famous Cure song) –

Here To Fall

YouTube playlist: Yo La Tengo

Spotify playlist: Yo La Tengo


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