Sleater-Kinney – Women Rockers with Attitude

After many generations of women rockers it shouldn’t be a shock to see an all female band, so forget that, and instead focus on the music.  The music is intense and driving and they play guitar and drums like there’s no tomorrow.   I’ve previously described them as “punk” but they don’t really fit any pre-defined category.  They bring their feelings, their musicality, and the kind of “up yours” attitude I associate with punk to the stage.  If you let yourself experience it I think you’ll find their music can capture you, and bring a little of that attitude to wherever you are.  So move anything breakable out of the way, and let yourself go!

Here is the list of songs included:

1) Surface Envy – (video shows them in concert)
2) Bury Our Friends – (video shows them on Colbert)
3) New Wave – (Animated video)
4) Entertain – (Hard core attitude)

Play it now: Sleater-Kinney

Spotify playlist: Sleater-Kinney


9 Replies to “Sleater-Kinney – Women Rockers with Attitude”

    1. I’m surprised to hear that. In New York mosh pits tend to form anytime it gets hard, but I haven’t actually seen them live yet. Hopefully they’ll come around again soon.


      1. Seattle. Which is close to Olympia where riot grrrl originated, and moshing was strongly discouraged or stopped. So moshing to S-K in Seattle would not go over.

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  1. I’ve changed this post a bit to eliminate the references to Mosh pits. After reading your comment I think that was probably not appropriate for this band. Thanks.


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