Broken Social Scene – Crazy Good Canadian Supergroup

Wikipedia lists 26 members of Broken Social Scene.  This includes occasional contributions from well-known singers like Feist and Emily Haines of Metric.  Many of them are parts of other bands or have their own solo careers.  This is the definition of a “supergroup.”  At any given time they may tour with 12-20 people at a time depending on who is available.  Their new album (being released this week on July 7th) and tour seems to include both of the women I mentioned along with quite an assembly of super-talented musicians.

Though this is their first new album in a over 6 years, they clearly have been playing concerts now and then and I think rather than describing this period as a hiatus it is more likely just really really hard to coordinate getting all of them together.

My reaction to seeing them on stage at Panorama in 2016 was that this was absolute madness.  Imagine a dozen folks, all of whom are stars in their own right, playing their hardest, each one capable of holding an audience on their own, but somehow making it into a single band playing one song together.  It was like a competition for who could be more incredible taking place in my ears.  In order to really appreciate all that was going on it took a lot of attention and I can tell you I was smiling the whole time.  Incredible group of Canadian rockers putting it all together for us to enjoy.  This playlist includes some of their newest songs along with a couple older pieces.  Some of the live YouTube videos are worth checking out to see the madness for yourself.

KC Accidental (YouTube version is live)

Hug Of Thunder 

Halfway Home

7/4 Shoreline (YouTube version is live on Jimmy Fallon)

YouTube playlist: Broken Social Scene

Spotify playlist: Broken Social Scene


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