Grizzly Bear – Dreamy and Catchy

As I go on with this blog I have to start including bands that are a little harder to explain and probably a little harder for people new to Indie to comprehend.  Can a band’s music be dreamy and still catchy?  Grizzly Bear has the answer.  Wikipedia also has a hard time pinning down their style.  They include 5 different genres in the description from “folk rock” (seriously?) to “art rock.”  Well this is clearly a case where you will have to listen and come up with your own interpretation.  As I’ve suggested before – best not to try to understand – just let the feels flow.

What I can tell you is that they are very popular in the Indie Rock world and when a few new songs started showing up on the internet recently people have been acting like something big just happened.  Their music tends to be on the more gentle side – not hard rock for sure – but it also draws you in and gets the brain moving.  Maybe “catchy” isn’t exactly the right word, but after you hear one of their songs several times I bet you’ll find yourself coming back.  Grizzly Bear is the closest we get to royalty in indie-land.  They deserve more than one listening.  Listen, be confused, listen again, and again, and soon you’ll be a GB convert.

This playlist should give you a nice start.  It includes a couple new and a couple older songs.  The more I listen to them – the more I like.  (I’ve got tickets to see them live in November.)

In this playlist:

Two Weeks

Mourning Sound

Three Rings

While You Wait for the Others

YouTube playlist: Grizzly Bear

Spotify playlist: Grizzly Bear


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