LCD Soundsystem- Ushering in the Electronic Age Again

LCD Soundsystem is basically a bunch of guys from New York fooling around with electronics.  Along the way they have helped establish the role for electronic instruments in today’s music and continue to expand and embrace the sounds they can program into the machine.  But they are also part of the generation of kids that are watching the world change out from under them.  Nowadays they are signed to a deal with Capital Records, can sell out an arena, or fill concert halls night after night after night, but they still act like some guys from New York. They are having fun making fun of the craziness the world shows them.

Some important history about this band.  They played their last concert ever a few years ago at Madison Square Garden and fans flew from all over to see it.  With songs like “Losing My Edge” and “New York I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down” they said farewell.  Then, in a move that shocked the world (well the music world anyway) they returned in 2016 headlining Coachella and have now announced a new album.  They are back, showing a little age, and a little wisdom, and still showing the same attitude of parody and honesty.

If you are new to all this new music this will be a difficult band to understand on first listening.  They sometimes start with a beat sequence on repeat, and then slowly build up layer upon layer of sound, creating songs that are complex, fun and danceable all while challenging the kids and all of us to recognize the madness around us.  These guys are the band that made beep and boops fun to begin with.  These days everyone is doing it, but LCD Soundsystem is still showing the world how it’s done.

The first video is an older one, that illustrates their style but keeps it light.  Invite a robot to your party for fun and antics.  The next is a new video from their upcoming album due in the fall. They may be getting older, but they are embracing whatever comes next and making it better.

On this playlist: Home – American Dream – Someone Great – Daft Punk is Playing at My House

YouTube playlist: LCD Soundsystem

Spotify playlist: LCD Soundsystem


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