St. Vincent – Guitar Shredding Performance

Annie Clark aka St. Vincent is a forward-thinking, guitar-shredding, singer, songwriter and has a flare for edgy performance.  When I saw her in 2015 at a music festival in New York she blew us all away with the combination.  The performance aspect included strange dancers, crazed upside-down guitar playing, and finally when she “collapsed” on stage from shredding so hard, she kept playing as her “ambulance team” carried her offstage in a stretcher.  I saw her again recently wearing a scandalous outfit and performing completely solo.  This is someone you must see live if you can.  Her songs are unique, powerful, and great to listen to, but live – wow!

Three of the four videos on the YouTube playlist are live so you can get some idea of what she can do as a performer and on the guitar. On this playlist:

YouTube playlist: St. Vincent

Spotify playlist: St. Vincent


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