St. Vincent – Guitar Shredding Performance

Annie Clark aka St. Vincent is a forward-thinking, guitar-shredding, singer, songwriter and has a flare for edgy performance.  When I saw her in 2015 at a music festival in New York she blew us all away with the combination.  The performance aspect included strange dancers, crazed upside-down guitar playing, and finally when she “collapsed” on stage from shredding so hard, she kept playing as her “ambulance team” carried her offstage in a stretcher.

Before that performance I had heard a few of her songs and heard about her collaboration with David Byrne (of Talking Heads fame), but I had no idea how great she would be live.  This is someone you must see live if you can.  Her songs are unique, powerful, and great to listen to, but live – wow!

This first video is not heavy on the stage antics, but gives you a great view of what she can do to a guitar.  After that I’ve included one of her music videos which showcases a little more of what makes her a unique and off-beat performer.


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