Courtney Barnett – Down to Earth Australian Singer Songwriter

Courtney Barnett hit big with her first full album release back in 2015 and with good reason.  She is a singer, songwriter, guitarist who can infuse ordinary events with ironic meaning.  It isn’t about her singing.  She isn’t a big singer, she is more or a half-singing, rambling storyteller.  Her music is straightforward and musical rock and roll with an occasional rough edge. Her attitude is also straightforward with an occasional rough-edge.  She’s down to earth in the sense that you can easily imagine she is someone who lives in an apartment building trying to grow tomatoes in a window box (from the lyrics in Avant Gardner).  Her Australian accent adds an attractive aspect and all in all she is great fun to listen to.  Songs in this playlist:

Dead Fox

Pedestrian at Best

Elevator Operator

History Eraser

YouTube playlist: Courtney Barnett

Spotify playlist: Courtney Barnett


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