Purity Ring – Inventive Electric Pounding and Personal

There’s something undeniable about Purity Ring.  They shocked the music world when they exploded on the scene a few years ago demonstrating the use of EDM-like techniques but with feeling and intensity and creativity.  The audience comes alive, there are bits you want to dance to, but there is an intensity of feeling that draws you in and makes you wonder.  This is different stuff and like most Indie Rock won’t be for everyone.  But let the music take you over and you may not be able to let it go.  Sometimes, only Purity Ring will do.  That’s my picture above – from their show at the Governor’s Ball festival in 2016.  It was definitely a highlight for me.

It’s worth mentioning that they also have built some very creative instruments.  There is this big candelabra-like instrument that they can tie to the sound they want and play like bells that light up.  In the video below they also use some sort of light reflecting instrument I haven’t quite figured out.  This band is an audience pleaser.  They’ve been called Future Pop, Synth Pop, and even Hip Hop – but when we’re not really sure where they fit, we can just call it some really cool indie.  Let yourself go there.

Songs in this playlist: sea castle – bodyache – heartsigh – Belispeak

YouTube playlist: Purity Ring

Spotify playlist: Purity Ring


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