New Pornographers – Real Musicians, Real Great

“Hey, you can sing right?  Let’s start a band.”  I guess lots of bands start like that; but, occasionally a band comes together as a collaboration of great musicians.  Sometimes people call this a supergroup.  The New Pornographers are definitely super. Start with 4 or 5 vocalists, and armload of guitars, a few keyboardists, and an assortment of others and you get one of the most reliable and entertaining indie acts around.  I just saw them on their Whiteout Conditions tour without Dan Bejar.  In the past they’ve sometimes toured without Neko Case.  They are successful musicians and sometimes their solo careers conflict with the band’s touring.  The picture above I took when I was lucky enough to see them all together.  In this recent tour they had an additional female vocalist and the sounds produced with three women singing harmony, (including the queen herself, Neko Case) were just explosive.  This is a band for the ages.  Why doesn’t everyone know about them?  Enjoy.

Songs in this playlist: High Ticket Attractions – Crash Years – Champions of Red Wine – Dancehall Domine

YouTube playlist: New Pornographers

Spotify playlist: New Pornographers


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