Warpaint – Dream Pop?

Indie Rock genres are crazy but can sometimes help a person get an idea of what he or she is listening to.  Warpaint, four women and guitars, is not a typical band.  In order for you to understand them maybe these genres can help. Wikipedia uses these three genres to describe Warpaint: Art Rock, Dream Pop, and Psychedelic Rock.  Most of their music up to 2016 has definitely been dreamy.  They use regular rock and roll instruments – guitars, drums, keyboards – to create often hypnotic, dreamy effects.  Their most recent release from September 2016 includes a few more upbeat accessible songs, the like “New Song” video included below.  But you need to hear their dreamy side if you are going to really understand Warpaint.  So I included the 7 minute video for “Billie Holiday” first. I think you’ll get the “dream rock” idea pretty quickly.  “New Song” has been a nice success for them and is definitely a bit more accessible to a wider audience.  I think both sides of Warpaint are definitely worth getting to know.  (I just saw them a few days ago at the Governor’s Ball in NYC.   That’s my photo above.)

Songs in this playlist: Billie Holiday – New Song – Elephants – Whiteout

YouTube playlist: Warpaint

Spotify playlist: Warpaint



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