Grimes – Don’t Behave

If you’ve read this blog from the beginning I’ve introduced you to a wide variety of music from indie folk to noise pop, but are you ready for Grimes?

I’ve saved Grimes for a while.   Even though she is maybe my favorite artist of the moment, I don’t think most people can hear her music really.  They hear the electronic sounds, and tune out.  They hear this high “baby girl”-like voice, and tune out, they see things that seem wrong, and tune out.

How do you explain something without explanation? Grimes is a force of nature.  Grimes is the project of Claire Boucher.  She writes, produces, sings, and performs her own music. There is no one else touching her production.  She combines music from outer space with earthy irony, revolution, and dance. She does not follow the usual rules. She is a genius with electronic music.  It’s a combination of melodies, far out sounds, beats, rhythms, and harmonies, that combine to transport us to the underground dance club on the moon.

You can see why I waited for this one; but, if you can open up to this, then you’re in on to one of the most acclaimed artists of the last few years. The video below is from the NME album of the year by Grimes.  Her live show was absolutely the most fun I had in 2016.

On this playlist:

Grimes – Kill V. Maim – From Art Angels (her most recent) – you should probably dance

Grimes – Oblivion – An older song that shows a simpler Grimes dancing in front of a bunch of generally masculine activities that she isn’t exactly mocking, but…

Grimes – REALiTi – When she leaked this her fans freaked out – but eventually it became one of her most popular songs

Grimes – Eight – Older – outstanding  – weirdness

YouTube playlist: Grimes

Spotify playlist: Grimes


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