The War on Drugs, Kurt Vile and Sharon Van Etten

I’m combining a few artists here for two reasons.  One, they share some common vibe, some common basic approach to rock. Two because they sometimes share personnel and have collaborated with one another.  I had the good fortune of hearing both The War on Drugs and Sharon Van Etten at a music festival in New York (Governors Ball).  I had heard both before on the radio, but didn’t really know them.  I left the festival felling like I had discovered two great talents.

The War on Drugs has a dreamy, road trip kind of feel.  Almost like a Springsteen meets the Grateful Dead.  Sharon Van Etten also provides a serious rock feel with a story of trials and tribulations coming through.  Kurt Vile helped start The War on Drugs, but left to go solo after the first record.  Members of the War On Drugs have continued to work with Kurt Vile and Van Etten.  Kurt Vile made a big splash with his song Pretty Pimpin’ about a year and a half ago – maybe you heard it.  I hear a common sensibility in all three groups and a real sense of a deeper kind of rock music that you just won’t get on pop radio.

So three bands playing Rock that you can feel in your bones.  Songs that tell of life experience and of life fully lived.  I highly recommend getting to know all three.


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