The Kills – Have a Few Bangers, On Me

A banger is a song that you want to just rock out to.  It has a strong beat, a tight sound, an attitude, works well with the car windows rolled down, and just makes you say, “Yes!”

The Kills are a singer and guitarist couple that were born to make bangers together. They exude rock and roll attitude on stage and the crowd eats them up.  I saw them when they released Ash and Ice in 2016 – a comeback after the guitarist suffered an injury that turned him into a four finger guitarist.  Well, that limitation seems to have led to super intense, creative, rock and roll.  I loved it and will go again anytime they are in town.

What is Rock and Roll if not about shaking things up, bringing some attitude onto the stage, and letting it all out.

On this playlist:

Impossible Tracks – Check the video to see them live

Doing It To Death – Their blowout hit – check the video for a very unusual funeral

Heart Of A Dog

Siberian Nights

YouTube playlist: The Kills

Spotify playlist: The Kills


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