The Orwells – Rock and Roll is Alive and Well

The Orwells are some young guys who’ve just released a third album but they sound more like rock royalty. With guitars blazing, great driving bass lines and a manic lead singer these guys prove that straight up guitar rock is still great.

I took this photo yesterday at the Governors Ball music festival.   The lead singer, oddly named Mario Cuomo, was intense and loving the festival atmosphere.  He drove security nuts climbing all over the stage rigging and getting up close to the audience. Watch this space.  These guys will keep blowing up.

In this playlist:

Let It Burn – The video gives you a sense of what one of their concerts can be like

Who Needs You – Classic rock is still being made

Black Francis – Nod to Frank Black (Pixies)

Heavy Head – From their 2017 album “Disgraceland”

Dirty Sheets – Also from Disgraceland

YouTube playlist: The Orwells

Spotify playlist: The Orwells


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