Lana Del Rey – Mistress of the Feels

Lana Del Rey sings with heart and soul.  Her lyrics are full of wistful melancholy, longing for depth, and dreams of the wild life. Vibey and loaded with emotion, she has attracted a huge audience of young women and the rest of us who look for some sense of real feelings in our music.

She has been criticized for her performance style.  She more or less just stands there and sings.  What those critics missed is that her singing is loaded with real emotion; and that doesn’t require acrobatics.  I saw her when she headlined at the Governor’s Ball in New York and the organizers mistakenly put her in one of the smallest venues there.  The crowd overflowed badly and if you arrived later than 45 minutes before her set you were stuck way up the hill where she could barely be heard.  I would have missed it entirely if it wasn’t for the big screens that often showed a close-up of her singing.  There we could see the full range of emotion on her face.

She may look like a pretty pop star, but Lana Del Rey writes evocative songs, sings with strong emotion, and connects to the audience.  She is the real deal.  Sit back, have a sip of wine, and enjoy the feels.


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