Indie Rock covers a wide range of music.  Sometimes the boundaries get blurry. Chvrches (spelled that way so you can find them on the internet) is sometimes called Indie Pop which seems to me to be somewhat of an Oxymoron, but whatever you call them I love this band.  I can’t get enough.  I was bouncing around to their music well before I saw them in concert.  (That’s my photo above.)  It wasn’t until that moment that I realized their music was produced entirely with electronic instruments.  I was immediately converted.  Electronic music is able to make sounds you just can’t make with other instruments and if this is what it sounds like it is just ok with me.

This band is smart, inventive, knows how to play to a big crowd, and the lead singer, Lauren Mayberry has an infectious voice that has won me over.  Indie music you can dance to. Enjoy it!


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