Tame Impala – Beautiful Psychedelia

This band is super popular with people into indie.  If this is your first time though I think they are hard to comprehend.  They look like a traditional rock band.  Guitars, drums, keyboards.  But if you just click on one of the their most popular videos (as of this writing “Let it Happen” has 27 millions views) and expect a traditional song you may find yourself confused – death, hell, freefall … upwards?

Tame Impala goes for the psychedelic.  They make use of electronics, not just synths, but heavy treatments on top of their instruments.  This makes for lots of mind-bending music.

Tame Impala has released three full length albums so far.  They tend to do lots of touring. I saw them at their own concert and at a festival.  I can’t tell you how impressed I was both times. They are tight, talented, and put on a great show, and the audience eats it up. Go see them.

So I picked this video as an intro to Tame Impala.  Maybe the point of this video is that listening to Tame Impala can be a lot like riding on a roller coaster.  I’m not sure if the people are reacting to the ride or the music. My suggestion is the same as I’ve written before.  Don’t analyze it, feel it.  Just go with it and hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as the people in the video.  Then check out their other videos.  They have taken psychedelic to the next level.


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