These New Young Bands Have Really Energized Indie Rock This Year

You may have noticed that Indie is always evolving.  At the moment there are bunches of new bands, and these young sounds are capturing an audience.  Here are 5 hot young bands you should know.  (The fact I picked bands all fronted by women was not intentional.  These are just the bands I think are bringing in new energy to Indie Rock at the moment. Women have always been big in Indie rock and these bands are blowing up right now.)

The Beths – Future Me Hates Me – What a great new band.  Young, ready, and willing to rock out in what I can only describe as an early Indie Rock feel, with music and lyrics coming from someplace real.  They’re attracting fans of all ages.

Soccer Mommy – Your Dog – With melodic guitar lines and songs of youthful love and heartbreak, you can’t go wrong with Soccer Mommy.

Big Thief – Mythological Beauty – With two full length albums out, they are the most experienced band in this list, but still new to many of us. Soft-spoken, but cutting to the bone, Big Thief brings a modern sensibility and deep lyrics and is winning hearts and minds everywhere.

Snail Mail – Pristine – The solo project of Lindsey Jordan, Snail Mail expresses themes of survival in a mad world.  Uncertainty, empathy, confusion, love – you know the trials of youth – looked at with intelligence and care.

Hop Along – How Simple – Great upbeat melodies, slick production, high energy –  Hop Along is making the world a better place.  Go listen and make this a better day.

Youtube playlist:  Young Bands Energizing Indie Rock in 2018

Spotify playlist:  Young Bands Energizing Indie Rock in 2018

The Summer of Indie Rock

Spring and Summer 2018 have been amazing for new Indie Rock.  New albums from Courtney Barnett, Parquet Courts, Chvrches,  Death Cab for Cutie, Lykke Li, Beach House, Arctic Monkeys, and so many more.  Emerging bands like Alvvays and brand new bands like Sunflower Bean and Middle Kids also released new albums and are touring the world.

It’s a great time to see a concert.  I’ve been taking full advantage by attending outdoor concerts at Governor’s Ball, the Prospect Park bandshell and Forest Hills Stadium.  I’ve also stopped by some great Brooklyn venues like The Music Hall of Williamsburg where I caught Courtney Barnett and even last night, when I saw Beach House at Kings Theatre.

So celebrate the summer of Indie Rock with a few highlights of the last few months:

The Summer Of Indie Rock Playlist

Middle Kids – On My Knees

Parquet Courts – I’m Wide Awake

The Decemberists – Severed

Courtney Barnett – Nameless, Faceless

Death Cab for Cutie – When We Drive

Chvrches – Get Out

Full YouTube playlist: The Summer of Indie Rock

Full Spotify  playlist: The Summer of Indie Rock

Four Women Singers With New Indie Rock Albums for International Women’s Day

Women are front and center in Indie Rock.  To commemorate International Women’s Day don’t forget to download new albums by some of the best female singers around.  Each of these have new album either just released or soon to be released:

Neko Case – Just dropped the first new song from her upcoming new solo album “Hell-On” coming out June 1.  The return of the queen of Indie Rock.

Beach House – With lead singer Victoria Legrand, just dropped the second song, “Dive” from their upcoming new album “7” coming out in May.  Between their hypnotic sound and their hypnotic graphics – just sit right down and listen and watch.

Tune-Yards – With lead singer Merrill Garbus, just released a new album, “I can feel you creep into my private life” in January.  What a powerful, unique, and important voice.

Sleigh Bells – With lead singer Alexis Krauss released a new EP, Kid Kruschev, late in 2017.  I caught them at Brooklyn Steel in their current tour – absolute knockout band.

YouTube playlist: Women Leads with New Music

Spotify playlist: Women Leads with New Music

Beach House – Chill, Gaze, Repeat

Beach House is well known for their dreamy sound.  It’s been a minute since they’ve put out a new album and they’ve just dropped a new song!  New album coming this Spring.  So think warm thoughts and check them out.  This new song shows they continuing to be inventive.  I think we can anticipate a great summer now with Beach House leading the way.

When I think Beach House the word that comes to mind is “Chill.”  Sit back and let the music hit you.  The lead singer, Victoria Legrand, has a low dusky voice that brings so many emotions to the surface.  This is a band for a lazy sunny afternoon or a slow dance at the prom.  Can’t wait to hear what comes next.

On this playlist: Lemon Glow (the new song), Space Song (from their last full album), and Zebra (some classic Beach House for you).

Check out the 2001 Space Odyssey film clips set to their music.  Float on!

YouTube playlist: Beach House

Spotify playlist: Beach House

Sleigh Bells – Hot Noise, Beat Drops and Power Slay On

No one drops it harder than this power rock duo.  Start with a killer beat, now bring on Alexis Krauss, midriff bare, shaking the stage, screaming her heart out and add in Derek Miller turning his guitar into a weapon, and you have an idea of what you’re in for with Sleigh Bells.

There are a number of influences here.  M.I.A. for sure – you’ll hear it on the first song.  They are known as “Noise Pop” but they’ve moved beyond that label, still keeping the intensity, but incorporating more.  More guitar, more meaning, and even some more quiet but still very intense and engaging songs (listen to “And Saints”).

I saw them last night (along with opening act, “Sunflower Bean” who were fantastic and I’m downloading their new album March 23rd as soon as it hits) in Brooklyn.  Wow, what an intense performance.  Alexis was super-hot and super-pumped.  I was happy to be right up front, losing it to the beat.  These guys are still as hot as ever.  Check their music on the playlists below and definitely see them live.

On this playlist:

Riot Rhythm – You’ll get the M.I.A. influence hear right away

Favorite Transgressions – From their new EP – more guitar, same intensity

And Saints – Also from the new EP

Comeback Kid – More classic Sleigh Bells (2012)

Bitter Rivals – Watch the video.  Cute and sexy turns to wild and crazed in the blink of an eye.

YouTube playlist: Sleigh Bells

Spotify playlist: Sleigh Bells


Ty Segall – Rock & Roll Creativity Unleashed

Ty Segall is a prolific songwriter and Rock & Roller.  He is tremendously creative and musical, his songs are mostly bangers, and you can count on some serious guitar.  There is plenty of classic rock influence here, but his songs vary with his fancy.  In other words Ty Segall’s music is whatever Ty Segall wants it to me at any given time.  That means you may hear straight up rock, a hard core punk sound, a ballad, or an anthem; but it’s always rock and roll for sure.

Hopefully this playlist will give you a good start with the straight-up “Break a Guitar” and including “Alta”, a song that is part ballad, and part rock anthem.

He’s got a brand new album out called Freedom’s Goblin.  All but the first song on this playlist are from that album, but you’ll see it’s a pretty broad range of musical types.  Enjoy.

(Segall’s music is not all on Spotify so I’m providing a link to his Band Camp page instead.  No Spotify playlist in this post. )

In this playlist: Break A Guitar – She – Alta – Every1’s a Winner

YouTube playlist: Ty Segall

Band camp Ty Segall link: Ty Segall

(photo credit: Will Oliver)